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Stainless steel vessels and apparatuses for the food industry

The production of foodstuffs on an industrial scale attaches particular importance to optimal hygiene and meticulous product handling. The hygiene standards are high, and maximised cleanability is of great importance particularly for the food industries.

The use-oriented layout of stainless steel vessels for the food industries is our strength. Constant quality and approval tests by government institutions and additional tests by external bodies are your assurance of permanent maximum quality demanded by the food industries. We are a specialised company under § 19 WHG (Federal Water Supply Act).

In other words we are completely familiar with the demands of the food industries and can therefore apply the requisite criteria. We plan and realise every surface quality, every heating and cooling coil, every integration of agitator or mixer, etc.

Stainless steel vessels and apparatus for the food industry

Food stainless steel vessels