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Stainless steel vessels and apparatuses for the pharmaceutical industries

Binder fulfils the highest quality and workmanship requirements and therefore the standards prevailing in your pharmaceutical industry. This applies for instance to stainless steel grade or finish criteria.

Vessels for the pharmaceutical industries are therefore manufactured from high quality materials, e.g. 1.4435, BN 2, and mirror-finished before delivery so that they comply with the requirements of production and the approving authorities for your pharmaceutical plant. Also every fitting, meter, inspection port, and agitator are integrated according to the highest quality criteria.

This means for you the optimal adherence to all production criteria applying to your medium. Just as flexible is the size and layout of our vessels that we can match precisely to the production figures you are planning. Our services not only apply to process vessels of the most diverse sizes, but also extend to the smallest product vessels of five liter capacity.

Stainless steel vessels and apparatus for the pharmaceutical industries

Pharmaceutical stainless steel vessels