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Mobile pharmaceuticals tank with magnetic agitator

Capacity: Usable capacity: 30- 180 l
Total capacity: 250 l
Operating data: Operating overpressure / inner: -1/ 5 bar
Operating overpressure / outer: -1/ 5 bar
Max. operating temperature: 150 °C
Material: Product-contact parts: 1.4435
External parts: 1.4301
Seals: EPDM/silicone with FDA certification
Surface: Internal surface: ground, Ra < 0.6 µm + e-polished
External surface: ground, Ra < 1.2 µm

with double jacket and flow guide coil
with insulation
with electrical control system


Internal diameter:

650 mm
External diameter:  800 mm
Cyl. height: 560 mm
Overall height: approx. 1400 mm
Acceptance /
Testing /
- Acceptance to EC Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC,
   Category IV, Module G
- Incl. declaration of conformity and CE certification
- Dye penetration test with report
- Roughness measurement with report
- Ferrite content measurement with report
- Riboflavin test with report