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Production vessels incl. magnetic agitator

Magnetic agitators for the pharmaceutical industries and biotechnology

Magnetic agitators were developed for the pharmaceutical industries and biotechnology for the sterile and gentle mixing of sensitive products. Also, the mixing process can be documented in compliance with FDA and GMP guidelines.

For this purpose magnetic agitators feature an uncompromising design for continuous duty in the production process and operate for years virtually free of maintenance even under difficult ambient conditions.

Production vessels incl magnetic agitator
Production vessels incl magnetic agitator

Our program "Mobile magnetic agitators for the pharmaceutical industries" contains vessels in sizes for different volumes: 20, 40, 60 and 80 liters.

The integrated fault message system for the agitator rod combines the advantages of the magnetic drive with the reliability of a mechanically coupled agitator:

  • sterility: no shaft duct into the product chamber;
  • agitator rod easily cleaned and sterilised: no complex bearing geometry like in impeller agitators; CIP and SIP compatible design;
  • the drive unit is not connected to the vessel, so the one magnetic agitator system can be used for more than one agitator vessel;
  • fault message when magnetic link between drive and agitator rod fails; this is an inherent fault in the design of magnetic agitators that can lead to uncontrolled downtime although the agitator is still operating;
  • “automatic agitator rod intercept” for the automatic reinstatement of agitator functions;
  • timer function for linear speed reduction at filling stations for e.g. inoculants containing adjuvants: this prevents foaming when the level in the product vessel falls;
  • unambiguous documentation of the agitator process in the form of recorded speeds and fault message voltages in compliance with the FDA und GMP guidelines.


Production vessels incl magnetic agitator