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Plant, machine construction and special solutions

Components and modules of stainless steel for plant and machine construction

BINDER realises your plant and plant components.

Most production facilities with stainless steel vessels also require controllers, an infrastructure, and a link to your complete system. We shall of course assist you in implementing these individual designs and technical requirements.

Our services for you do not end with the production of a vessel, we can also realise temperature control modules, weighing cells, level measuring, etc. You will therefore receive a complete vessel module adapted to the interfaces of your production plant.

Name us your task – and BINDER will offer you the solution.

With its accustomed precision work BINDER can also realise parts of your production plant of high quality stainless steel that ultimately are not linked directly to vessels. Devices for bulk materials, transport carriages, etc., are only a few examples of our production services. To us special solutions are a challenge to utilise our workmanship and technical skills.



Parts supplier for machine construction

We also plan and manufacture a growing number of stainless steel plant components as well as complete process plant for packaging and special machine makers.


Special solutions

We are able to produce special devices and special solutions and not only classic vesssel considering our modern mechanical machining centres. Our mechanical design department is equipped with modern 3D-CAD systems, this is the base for a practical realization. By many tasks is a mechanical machining necesarry to balance the welding distortions after welding. We have the whole technologies which we need to manufacture the special vessel in house, we can cut 20 mm with our plate sheare and cut 150 mm with our water jet cutting. The mechanical machining is also in house, we have the complete vertical range of manufacture, this is the reason to react quickly. We look forward and we gladly accept your challenge.