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Stainless steel fermenters / bioreactors

Fermenters / bioreactors of stainless steel for making pharmaceutical products

The making of pharmaceutical products, e.g. insulin, antibiotics like penicillin, vitamins, etc., utilises special sterile agitator vessels or so called fermenters as bioreactors. These fermenters are predominantly made of stainless steel and are fitted with temperature controllers and gassing facilities for initiating biochemical reactions.

In accordance with your own specifications and requirements we manufacture fermenters / bioreactors of stainless steel and their fittings in the most diverse sizes for your specific application and product. No matter how complex your process requirements are, our specialists will find custom solutions for your fermenter as well.

At the same time our customers profit from our many years of experience in the making of customised stainless steel vessels for the pharmaceutical industries.


Consultation, planning, engineering, production. BINDER makes your stainless steel fermenters / bioreactors in compliance with the fastidious demands and regulations from the pharmaceutical industries. 



Stainless steel fermenter